What are the Spanish laws regarding investment in the Spanish economy, opening a business, employing staff? How to choose a property worthy of investment and assess the profitability of a business in Catalonia, or how to obtain a licence and a trademark? Which documents need to be prepared for this and which authorities need to be contacted? The qualified specialsts and experts of our team Catalonialand will help you with all of your financial and business questions, providing you with all the information you need to answer any questions you may have, as well as legal protection.

       Once a purchase has been finalized successfully, we help our clients adapt to the new place by providing a wide range of services: streamlining your utility bill payments; helping pick the right school for your children; processing, legalizing and translating into the local languages all the necessary documents, certificates and diplomas; consulting on the issues of taxation, employment, social adjustment. We can also recommend trustworthy specialists in various fields and so much more!

      These are only some of the issues that foreigners traveling around Catalonia or those interested in settling down and working here tend to face, and we’d love to assist you.

      And the important aspect: We speak our customers’ their native language.

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