Selection of educational institution in Catalonia

    You have the unique opportunity to get the Spanish University degree from the most famous Catalonian Universities, business schools of Barcelona, famous art schools or culinary art schools, at language or high schools, correspondent to the highest educational level and European education standards.

    We will select the most appropriate education institution, providing you with the information package containing all the options correspondent to your requirements, along with the rules list and the list of documents, necessary for being enrolled.

    Cost of this service is 300 €.

    Depending on your requirements and desires regarding the level of the required educational institution, the search process could engage from 10 days up to 2 months.

    If you want us to select the educational institution for you, please send us the request and we will provide you with the confirmation on the selected service and payment. Afterwards, our expert will contact you to answer all your questions and this expert will elaborate the search plan according to you goals and terms.



Selection of educational institution for children