¡Feliz Navidad!

Para familia y amigos es una gloriosa noche de paz y amor.

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Merry Christmas

Christmas time is almost here/ (round the corner)!

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Terrible attack in Barcelona

Terrible attack in Barcelona!

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Evening of romance in Barcelona

Evening of romance with Maritxell Rodes in Barcelona 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Christmas in Catalonia

Christmas is the most magic period in the life of any person independent of age. A sensation of a coming miracle, that is sure to take place at this time, always lives in our souls.

Catalonia is a catholic country, so Christmas holiday is treated with great love and the traditions are carefully observed here.

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Architecture of Girona

    As one Russian writer once said: “We are not always victims of history, but always of geography”. Placed on a strategic point, that was an indispensable step, Girona has seen the history developing inexorably before its eyes.

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St. Paul hospital

    St. Paul hospital (Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau) in Barcelona is dynamically developing and competing in all spheres of medicine, leading in rendering medical services in Catalonia. The hospital was founded 600 years ago as a result of uniting six medieval clinics of Barcelona and is considered the oldest medical institution in Spain. In medieval time catholic monks and parishioners-volunteers used to take care of the sick and invalid people.

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The Catalans

    It is not recommended to generalize them, as it would not be exact. The Catalans can be both nice and unsociable, reconcilable and hospitable, mafia, creative, hard-working, passive, talkative, polite, worried, sentimental, bureaucratic, absent-minded, suspicious, generous, obstinate, ingenuous, cheerful, short-tempered, uncivilized, courteous…

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    As a rule, when speaking about Catalonia, people remember such famous tourist cities and towns as Barcelona, Sitges, Girona, Tarragona. However, Catalonia is much richer in beautiful and extraordinary places of interest, than it is usually mentioned in guide-books. If you deviate a little bit from the main road, you are going to come across the most interesting places.

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