Cost for NIE

       Purchasing real estate in Spain, foreign citizens shall submit the request in the prescribed form to the Division of National Police (Extranjeria) and obtain the ID number of a foreign citizen – NIE.

       We will prepare the package of the required documents and provide an accompanying expert when you refer to the Main Directorate of Police in the territory of Catalonia.

       You shall send us a request with this purpose, and we will send the confirmation on the service selected by you and payment. Afterwards, our expert will contact you to answer all your questions    and at the indicated time will done everything connected with this service.

     - Cost for NIE (ID number of foreign citizens) execution, without the submission of the documents and receipt under the power of attorney, is 130€.

      - Cost of  NIE for other family members, while supplying documents,  is 80 €.


      * This amount does not contain the state duties and administrative charges payment.


Cost for NIE