The consulting services regarding issues: real estate, business and law in Spain

       The consulting services regarding different issues are provided in two ways:

      1. If you are in Catalonia, you could make an appointment with our lawyers, specialized in different types of law, and also with an expert in economic and business to get the information regarding all the aspects of the sphere you are interested in. The payment is executed directly, while visiting.

      2. If you are outside Catalonia, we could suggest you to have the consultation in the sphere you are interested in remotely. All you need is to send as a request, and the confirmation of the selected service and the payment executed will be sent to your Email.

      Afterwards, within 48 hours, you will receive the text file with the detailed information on the selected issue (list of documents, progressive active plan, Spanish laws and regulations regarding the sphere selected by you); also our expert will answer all you questions via Email or in Skype at the indicated time.

      The consultations are available after the payment.

     Cost of consultations regarding one of the selected spheres is 120 €.

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