National Cuisine of Catalonia

        Catalonian cuisine is a mix of sophisticated ingredients with simple and natural products. It is based on traditional Catalonian recipes, with creative touches from modern chefs.

       "National Cuisine of Catalonia” contains both all-time popular Catalonian recipes and novel ideas from culinary wizards.

       The book has been adapted to international food markets, so you'll be able to find ingredients for most of the recipes in your regular grocery stores, while some of the exquisite delicacies will require you to visit specialized food departments.

       The book also includes useful tips for those traveling around Catalonia and a tourist discount card.

       We are confident that cooking and savoring these beautiful Catalonian dishes will bring you many enjoyable moments!





              ► The very best recipes from Catalan housewives and culinary virtuosos.

              ► The history, traditions and secrets of Catalan cuisine.

              ► A guide to restaurants, pastry shops and grocery stores in Barcelona.

              ► Useful information for travelers and a discount tourist card.

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