The book "National Cuisine of Catalonia"

       Dear reader, If you are currently traveling around Catalonia, you can purchase  a hard copy of "National Cuisine of Catalonia" by Svetlana Makukhina. The book is available in souvenir and book shops, on street stands, in supermarkets and in the shops around Barcelona.


       Just as with the digital versions, the pages of the book will bring you fascinating information on the history and traditions of the Catalonian cuisine. It’s more than just fine dining; the author talks about the Catalonian mindset. The book contains plenty of culinary terms and dish descriptions, as well as cooking and consumption methods. This is sure to help you not only cook delicacies on your own, but also to place an order in a Catalonian or Spanish restaurant with ease. You’ll learn to navigate freely among the ingredients and cooking methods involved in creating local dishes.

       The author invites Catalonians themselves to give a glimpse into the backstage of their national cuisine and share some tips with the reader.

       Also included in the book is a useful traveler pack: contact information on embassies, NGOs, hospitals, as well as a tourist discount card that lets you get a discount for the services of various agencies, lawyers, translators and other professionals in Catalonia. This card will also get you either a discount or a compliment when dining at a restaurant.


       You can find the lost of places where the discount card is valid in the ad section at the end of the book.

       “National cuisine of Catalonia” comes in a pretty soft-cover edition. It fits conveniently in a lady's handbag and is lightweight, which is a definite advantage when on a trip.

        The book “National Cuisine of Catalonia" is designed in a classical Catalonian style and, thanks to its pretty, stylish design and useful contents, is an excellent souvenir that you can purchase as a present for your friends and loved ones.

       For purchase-related queries, please see the contact information on our website.

       Or enquire directly in retail outlets around Barcelona.

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

• Stand (front of the street la Rambla 123)
• Bookstore (La Rambla 114)
• Stand Parisién ( front of the Hotel "1898 ", la Rambla 109)
• Stand (front of the street la Rambla 14)
• Shop "Troika » (C / Unio 3 , front of the the theater Liceu)
• Bookstore (C / Jaume 1, 5 )
• Bookstore (C / Cardenal Casañas, 4)
• Stand (Av. Catedral, pte.9)
• Bookstore (C / Ferran 41)
• Gift shop (C / Ferran 21)
• Stand (front of the street Pla de Palau 6)
• Stand ( to the left of the cathedral "St. Maria del Pi", Plaça Sant Josep Oriol)
• Gift shop (C / Princesa 20)

• «BarcelonaTurisme» (Plaça Catalunya, entrance front of the shopping center «Corte Ingles»)
• Shopping centers «Corte Ingles» of Barcelona ( book section )
• The network of shops "FNAC» of Barcelona ( book section )

District of the cathedral Sagrada Familia

• Gift shop (Plaza Sagrada Familia 14 , local 2)
• Gift shop ( corner of Provença 427)
• Gift shop (Provença 435 )
• Gift shop (Provença 443)
• Stand C / Sardenya, 340

District of the Parc Guell

• Stand (C / Travessera de Dalt, 65, next to the Hotel Travessera)



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