We are pleased to welcome you at the web-site CataloniaLand


        Having visited Catalonia, you fell in love with this amazing pearl of the Mediterranean?


        Do you like the style and rhythm of life, identity, welfare and cultural development of the country and now you would like to purchase a spacious house in a lush garden on the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada, or settle down in a cozy cabin in the mountains surrounded by the unique nature of the Pyrenees, or to become part of the diamond faces of cultural, tourist and business center, that is to settle down in Barcelona?

       Your friends and partners, successfully promoting their business in Catalonia, recommended you to invest in hotel, restaurant, tourist, industrial or technological market of Spain?

       Do you consider to obtain a quality European education at prestigious Catalonia universities or at famous art and culinary arts schools of Barcelona?

       Our activities are focused on assisting in the development of your programs, projects and activities in the territory of Catalonia. 

       We will gladly help you to make your first steps in Catalonia easy and full of fun, and to achieve your goals and implement your projects in a simple and successful way.